Botox therapy involves the injection of the naturally occurring protein Botulinum Toxin (Botox) into the small muscles, which cause facial expression. Over time wrinkles develop along naturally occurring fold lines in the skin due to tension in the underlying muscles. 

The exact size and location of these lines varies between people and for some people can cause a problem with their appearance. Botox therapy helps to relax these muscles and alleviates these natural wrinkle lines. The procedure is quick, simple and well tolerated by most people. 

Best results are seen with dynamic wrinkle lines (lines which are not permanent), however even static lines can be improved over time with consecutive treatments. Deeper lines may however require other treatment options. We will make an assessment of your best treatment at your initial consultation. Botox treatment typically takes 3 days to work, reaching maximum effect after 1-2 weeks. 

We offer an initial consultation to listen to your concerns and plan any treatment and consider alternatives. We will then allow you to consider and reflect on this discussion and will rebook you for treatment should you decide to go ahead. A follow-up appointment is then arranged in 7 days to review you.


Standard treatment areas – eyebrow (frown lines), forehead lines and crow’s feet areas

One treatment area £175
Two treatment areas £225
Three treatment areas £250
Additional treatment areas
Eyebrow lift £150
Lower eyelid lines £150
Bunny lines £150
Radial lip lines £150
Gum revealing smile £150
Downturned mouth £150


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